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Air Duct Cleaning For Indoor Gardening

Air ducts are the lungs of an indoor garden. They deliver fresh air and remove stale air, ensuring that your plants get necessary carbon dioxide and oxygen to thrive. Ducting performs an important role in removing excess heat from indoor greenhouses. Ducts are also used in heating and air conditioning.

Common Ducting Accessories
Ducting accessories come in all shapes and sizes. Common ducting and air accessories include metal duct elbows, duct tees, duct Ys, etc. Some Y reducers allow you to duct to or from a six-inch opening to two different four-inch openings.

For efficient cooling and distribution of air, it is important to clean your ducting and air accessories from time to time. Ducts that are not cleaned properly may release dust and pathogens into your greenhouse, which is not good for you and your plants. Moreover, moisture content may lead to contamination by microbes. Also, cleaning of your heating and cooling systems, which include ducts, heating coils, etc., is shown to increase the operating life and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

You should clean the air ducts when there is:
Significant mold growth
Infestation by insects, rodents, etc.
Duct clogging due to dust, debris, and other solid material

Here are some tips on how to select a good duct cleaning agency:
1. Contact a local agency that cleans ducts on a professional basis. Watch out for duct cleaning companies that promote their products saying that duct cleaning will prevent health problems. Also, some agencies may espouse the use of biocides that kill bacteria and germs. Research has not been able to prove the effectiveness of these biocides.
2. Ask for references.
3. Insist that the agency clean the entire ducting system. A system that has not been cleaned properly can easily get re-contaminated.
3. Remember that the method of duct cleaning depends on the duct type, i.e. flex duct, metal, etc.
3. Check for affiliation with recognized agencies such as the National Air Duct Cleaner's Association.

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