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An Adjustable Bed: Sleep Made Easy

Most people have heard of adjustable beds. Everyone has seen numerous print advertisements and late-night infomercials telling of their virtues. Few, however, know the origin of them.

Electric adjustable beds were actually the work of the eccentric millionaire, Howard Hughes. An enthusiastic aviator, Hughes was involved in a catastrophic crash in 1946 shortly after take-off for a test flight. For the remainder of his life-thirty years--he had chronic pain. Today, he would almost surely be diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). When hospitalized in 1953, he concocted the idea of an adjustable bed that could decrease suffering by allowing a person to elevate their back and legs, finding the position most comfortable for sleeping.

The idea he came up with has given relief to countless sufferers of many illnesses ranging from heart disorders to hernias. The ability to elevate the back allows gravity to aid the heart in circulation, takes pressure off your hips, and lets you sleep more deeply than a flat bed does.

An adjustable bed, especially when paired with a memory foam mattress, can give you the deep night's sleep you have been wanting all your life. There are beds with programmable memory controllers so you can test positions and then permanently set the best position for sleeping, reading, or watching movies. A touch of the control arranges the position automatically. There are even adjustable beds that provide a comforting massage. Choose from ten speeds; the bed will return to its last position after thirty minutes of relaxing massage time.

For anyone who needs help falling asleep, who tosses and turns restlessly, who wakes up uncomfortable, sore, and reluctant-or unable--to rise, an adjustable bed can provide a world of relief. A memory foam mattress, the ability to raise and lower your back and legs, and a half hour massage at bedtime--what better way to prepare for a good night's sleep!

By: Fabian Toulouse..

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