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Basic Principles Of Social Media Management For Business

Youíve caught up on the latest Twitter lingo, spent some time creating a Facebook vanity URL for your business, and are now ready to build a presence on these social media properties, now what? Where to begin, what to do? Is it as easy as just adding followers and friends respectively to Twitter and Facebook, or is there more to it? As Teddy Roosevelt once noted, nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.

Admittedly building your brand on social networks like Twitter and Facebook takes far less responsibility than ruling the free world would, but the principles of hard work and sacrifice are not only applicable, but highly recommended when approaching the work each day.

The easiest thing your social media manger could do is click the add friend button on Facebook to random members all day long, this also happens to be about the worst thing they could do. Instead, using Facebook as an example, one would first look to immediate connections such as family, friends, and business partners to add as friends on the account. The search feature on the website will be key in identifying these people, either through name searches, inbox synchronization, or browsing existing company networks. Once the low hanging fruit has been thoroughly plucked, itís time to look for influential figures in your business field.

Some would argue what really matters on social networks is to engage with as many potential clients as possible, but truth be told another contingent deserves as much attention, the professional leaders of your industry. Just as youíd gain near instant credibility if you showed up at a political fundraiser with the mayor of your city, so would the brand on social media properties that interacts with their leaders of industry. In other words, leverage the success of others in your industry as a way of showing potential clients these powerful people endorse your brand.

Resisting the temptation to ignore the technological complexities of these networks is another way some businesses seem to build cult like followings online. Simply put, technology moves at breakneck speed, and in order for your company to fully utilize these networks it needs to be a student of these new technologies, regularly reading articles about effective tools for these networks. What is working for other companies? What is not? Believe it or not there is a lot of data already surfacing on best practices for companies on these networks, and itís for the most part free to access.

With a pocketful of fresh research on these networks completed, look at the tools that can make these websites easier to navigate. Such tools are often called apps, or plug-ins, and they are the fuel that propels todayís top businesses online to levels of massive exposure.

In short, build a solid foundation on these networks by adding the right people, understanding the way they work, and investing time and resources in ongoing education and youíll have a better shot than most to grow into a social media powerhouse.

By: Clark Covington

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