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Choosing Hydroponic Nutrients For Your Garden

In hydroponics, plants do not grow in soil. Instead, the plants are grown in a water-based medium or other growing mediums like coir, rockwool, etc. Growing plants using hydroponics is advantageous in urban areas, where space is at a premium. It also benefits those regions where the soil is not conducive to gardening.

Role of Hydroponic Nutrients

All plants need the same conditions to grow i.e. sufficient amount of light, water, and materials to make their own food. For plants growing in soil, food is obtained by uptake in nutrients from the soil. Since soil is absent in hydroponics, food needs to be provided to the plant using a different route. This is where hydroponic nutrients come in. These nutrients are specially formulated to cater to your plants' every need. An added bonus is that most nutrients only need to be dissolved in water and then supplied to the plants.

Choosing Hydroponic Nutrients

Many companies manufacture hydroponic nutrients. Some nutrients can be used for overall plant growth while others focus on achieving specific results like better flowers, fruits, etc. You can choose to make your own nutrient solution but it is unlikely to be as effective as commercially available ones that are scientifically prepared and undergo stringent tests. Here is a guide to some of the hydroponic nutrients available.

B.C Grow is a range of products manufactured by Technaflora Nutrients. The B.C. Grow hydroponic nutrient solution is derived from many inorganic substances like potassium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, boric acid, etc. that are essential to healthy plant growth.

pHat Hydro provides quality hydroponic nutrients for your plants. A specialty of pHat products is they are available as two-part solutions. The solutions are designed to be used at specific growth stages of a plant life cycle to maximize the effectiveness of the nutrients.

FoxFarm specializes in hydroponic nutrients aimed at growth of fruits and flowers in plants. FoxFarm products are completely organic and promote intense growth of the vegetative areas of plants. Nitrogen is the primary nutrient provided by these solutions, along with limited amounts of trace minerals.

Grow Juice and Bloom Juice from ESU Greenleaves are other nutrient solutions aimed at growth of fruits and flowers. Grow Juice promotes growth of leaves while Bloom Juice is formulated to act during flowering and fruiting stages. An added benefit of these nutrient solutions is their color-based ability to test the pH of the solution when mixed with water.

Canna's range of hydroponic nutrients is designed specially for specific growing mediums. While regular nutrients are also available, Canna has a line of nutrients for different substrates like grow rocks, rockwool, etc.

Enhance the efficacy of hydroponic nutrients by providing growth supplements at certain stages of plant growth. General Hydro has growth supplements with vitamins and hormones to give plants an extra boost during crucial stages of growth.

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Successful hydroponics growing is the result of right use of hydroponic nutrients at proper time.

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