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Contributions Of R&b Music Artists

Rhythm and Blues, popularly known as R&B music is a genre of music which has its roots in Afro-American culture. It is widely accepted as a fusion between two genres of music jazz and blues. It came into existence in 1940s, but was formally accepted by music enthusiasts in later part of twentieth century. R&B music exploded in the 1970s with bands such as the Jackson 5, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder and the popular Motown sound becoming the defining sound of popular urban culture. Later we would witness R&B superstars such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Usher Raymond and Chris Brown becoming genuine global superstars selling millions of albums and generating billions of dollars in revenue.

The introduction of music video channels such as MTV and BET Television saw the popularity of R&B music and R&B music videos grow even further. Where for the first time the public could watch live and recorded Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos of all of their favorite artists from the comfort of their own home. The King Of Pop Michael Jackson was just one of the R&B singers to benefit from the growth and popularity of R&B music videos. Other stars such as Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake would become global icons because of this exposure.

The advent of the internet increased the popularity of both Hip hop music videos and R&B music videos still further as it has seen dedicated urban music websites such as showcasing some of the hottest Hip hop music videos and some of the best R&B music videos from the hottest artists around.
Of the modern day R&B artists many critics include R&B superstar Chris Brown as one of the biggest global R&B music icons. From his delicious debut single “Run It” with its amazing Chris Brown music video which became his first number one single to his current hit “Deuces” R&B superstar Chris Brown continues to dazzle his fans with incredible stage performances, stunning R&B music videos and incredible multi platinum selling albums.

R&B star Beyonce Knowles is another R&B artist who can claim to be a genuine global R&B music superstar. The talented R&B singer famous for her incredible stage performances; her infectious R&B songs and stunning R&B music videos has also had three platinum selling albums. Beyonce`s music videos for songs such as “Crazy In Love” have also dominated MTV`s playlists in recent years and with a new album planned in 2011 many critics are already suggesting that R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles will continue her reign on her throne as the true Queen Of R&B music.

R&B star Akon is another R&B artist who has achieved huge success over the last few years. Akon made his debut with his excellent “Trouble” album in 2004. He rose to prominence with the single “Locked Up” with its stunning Akon music video. His second album “Konvicted” was also a huge hit and it would appear that another global R&B superstar was born. Further R&B singles were released including the delicious “Smack That” which was also nominated for a Grammy Award and with Akon all set to release his brand new album in 2011 it seems that this talented R&B artist is all set to top the charts all over again.
There are many other prominent artists such as Brandy, Monica, Omarion, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Mario who have achieved incredible success in the R&B music field and have continued the incredible popularity of this genre of music. And with more R&B artists appearing each year such as R&B star Ne-Yo, Ciara and Trey Songz this trend is set to continue well into the next decade.

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