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Deer Repellent – Why Shouldn’t You Feed Those Wild Deer

Everyone knows that there are plenty of villages, towns and cities in the northern part of United States that still have a lot of natural areas available for the white tailed deer to survive, multiply and even find spare time to damage someone’s gardens, fields or even properties. Some consider using a deer repellent one of the easiest and most efficient methods of deer control but we do not agree with that and today we are going to try and make that clear.

The different populations of urban deer tend to benefit from the abundant food and shelter that they can find and from the organizations that always protect them from the hunters and those who are constantly looking to get rid of them. However, sometimes these little beautiful creatures are over exaggerating and something has to be done. All is good until they invade your garden, damage your trees and destroy your crop.

The main reason behind the high number of deer in these parts is the fact that they have only a few natural predators left and also because laws strictly prohibit the hunting of local deer within the city or municipal areas. As we mentioned before, there are people who consider them wonderful and humble animals while others see them like damaging local deer pest. In some regions, the international airports are sometimes having big troubles because of deer and it can be considered serious pest in terms of safety when it comes to blocking airport runways.

Nevertheless, while deer can often damage gardens, fruit trees, public or private properties, they are normally considered a nuisance until they start to wander on those runways or onto roads where they can cause considerable damage to both vehicles on the roads and highways. This is not something to joke about and there are some really ugly cases out there.

Well this is basically why you don’t have to worry about feeding those wild deer. They can easily find plenty of food on their own.

By: Johnny Hunter

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However, sometimes using a non chemical deer repellent to force them stay away is a good reliable option. You might also want to find out more about the electronic deer repellent and something about a very efficient homemade deer repellent.

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