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Everyone will definitely cross their path with this. In fact, once you meet it, you will feel that it’s a very sophisticated beauty. And it’s so complex that at times, you just wish that someone can settle it for you. Yes, I am talking about this – law and legal acts. Here’s what made me feel so.

You might be impressed by my middle-aged neighbor, who likes to do 3 M’s to her own things during her free time. Modify, mix and match. Someone actually encouraged her to file patent for something-that-looks-really-normal-but-extremely-useful invention. In the first place, armed with a middle school background, she hardly knows what a patent is. But her eyes gleaned when the word “royalty” was blurted out.

She approached me to help her learn and understand about the policy about patent applications. Who knows? Maybe one day, with this invention, she will make it big and I could be one of the beneficiaries just by helping her with this. Lol, if this came true, I will become a millionare, I could buy anything I want.

I googled some patents application process on the internet and turned out there are a lot of websites which teach you how to patent, offering plenty of patent application examples, even for international patent application. We chose SIPO website and clicked the directory of applying a patent. Fortunately, we found patent agencies available in the whole country. This could also mean saving us all the hardships in reading all the legal documents. And then we stumbled upon a professional patent searching website, which is In that website we were able to search worldwide (China, European, Korean, Japan etc.) patent database including patent numbers, patent applications and even perform analysis. But we know that it’s not the end of the story… but this definitely gives us a good start.

By: FlowerSky

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