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Garage Door Spring Replacement For Overhead Doors

Nothing is quite as aggravating as when you're in a hurry and your garage door stops working. There are many reasons why your garage door may not work such as broken garage door opener or a damaged frame. But if your garage door was working perfectly fine and then all of a sudden it won't open at all or only opens partially, the culprit may be a broken spring. Spring replacement for overhead doors in Lexingtion, NC, can be inconvenient, but it's a common and easy to fix problem.

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

The typical garage door has either a torsion spring or extension spring. While many garage doors are equipped with an extension spring setup, torsion springs are gaining in popularity. The following is a quick description of the difference between the 2 types:

• Extension springs: These springs get their name because they stretch or expand when force is applied, such as when the door opens or closes. You can find these springs typically located on either side of the garage door, attached to the door's spring arms. Extension springs are manufactured to sustain between 5,000 and 10,000 lifts before they begin to break down.

• Torsion springs: These springs do not expand. They twist and coil instead. Torsion springs are found on the upper section of the door. Unlike extension springs, torsion springs are much stronger. They have a longer life span and can handle approximately 15,000 to 20,000 rotations or lifts before they need to be replaced.

Garage door springs break when they have reached the end of their life expectancy or there is a fault in their construction. More likely than not, if your garage spring broke, it is because it has worked hard for many years and is ready to retire.

You can extend the life of your garage door springs and avoid premature spring replacement by limiting how often you open and close your garage door. If you park your car in the driveway, go out the front door if you go out to your car often. This will limit the number of rotations or extensions your garage door springs are subjected to on a daily basis.

Should Homeowners Repair Their Own Garage Door Springs?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on home repairs. While some home repairs can easily be completed by the adventurous weekend warrior, garage door spring replacement should only be done by a professional. This is especially true if you have a torsion spring setup.

Torsion springs rely on tension to work properly. The spring must be properly tightened or "torqued" at all times. If the spring loses its tension during installation, it is possible that the spring could unwind and cause the installer physical harm. While fatalities are rare with DIY torsion spring repair, many people have sustained serious injuries like facial lacerations, concussions, and even finger amputation when DIY installs went wrong.

Why take the chance? Garage door spring replacement is not an expensive service. Most garage door spring repairs can be completed for under $200 depending on the type of spring you need and your garage door.

How to Find a Garage Door Repair Service

Finding a garage door repair service to help with spring replacement for overhead doors in Lexingtion, NC, is fairly simple and straightforward. When researching the various companies in the neighborhood, make sure the person you choose is licensed, bonded, and insured. Verify their credentials and ask about manufacturer warranties. Most replacement springs come with a limited warranty and reputable garage door repair services almost always guaranteed the labor for at least 1 year.

By: Jordan Rocksmith

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