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How To Do A Motorcycle Accident Claim

The car coming the other way suddenly makes a left turn right in front of you and you have no where to go; you were just crusing along on your new motorcycle, minding your own business. You lay the bike on its side and somehow avoid going under the car, but you do hit the car.

Now What?

You seem to be okay with no major injuries just a few scrapes Good think that you are wearing your helmet, the bike didn't fare as well, it has damage. The driver of the car is babbling something about "I didn't see you".

Unfortunately, this scene is repeated many times each day and this was a minor crash, but there are very serious motorcycle mishaps daily also. If you have a motorcycle accident of any type, what do you need to know about making a motorcycle accident claim?

What You Can Do At The Scene

You can do these things to help you claim, if you are physically able:

If you have a cell phone camera with you, take photos of all of the vehicles involved in the mishap. Try an get as many angles as you can of all the damage done.

Ask the other driver for insurance information and remember to take the license plate number of vehicles involved in the mishap. If they will give it, get telephone numbers as well.
Look around for witnesses and speak to them about what they saw. If they will let you have it, take their telephone number for future contact. If it comes down to a law suit, these witnesses may get you over the top to a good settlement.
Get to pencil and paper as soon as you can to write down your recollection of the collision. Father time has a way of blocking memeories that aren't good.
Let your insurance agent or carrier know of the accident.

Call In The Calvary

Many folks feel that if a lawyer isn't involved, they can negotiate the motorcycle accident claim with the responsible party's insurance carrier and walk away with more money. This could cost you money and be a mistake.

The smallest settlement to you, that in fact, is the goal of the insurance company and they do it every day. The insurance company has lawyers on staff that you will probably be negotiating with. When was the last time that you negotiated with an experienced lawyer?

This is the type of work that a personal injury attorney does every day. Negotiating with insurance carrier lawyers is their job. A good personal injury law firm makes it their job to be as well or better informed of the law as it pertains to personal injury then the staff attorneys of the insurance carrier. They will also know the value of your claim better then you might because this is their business to know.

When you have an accident on your bike, make sure that you get good representation for your motorcycle accident claim.

This mateial is for information only and is not meant as medical or legal advice. Consult with a legal or medical professional for medical or legal advice.

By: William Boyd

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