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Maintaining A Garage Door

To many homeowners, the garage door is an essential part of the house and if it properly maintained should last for many years. However, there may come a time when some of the garage door hardware may have to be replaced to keep the door functioning as it was designed to do. A garage door is actually fairly simple, once it is understood how they work and by knowing how the different pieces of garage door hardware work together can make it easy to figure out which piece needs to be replaced to restore a non-working door to service.
The garage door is usually the biggest piece of moving equipment in the home and it is used more frequently than most other doors in the home. With this frequent use parts will wear out and require replacement. With the exception of torsion springs to assist with lifting the door, most garage door hardware can be replaced by the homeowner with a little knowledge and a few tools.
The first step in maintaining a garage door is to frequently inspect the door and all of its hardware to insure it is securely fastened to the door. Springs, hinges and rollers that guide the door in the tracks are the most common pieces of garage door hardware that go bad and, again except for the springs, most of it is easy for the homeowner to change.
Springs Play Key Role in Garage Door Safety
To check the springs on the garage door, disconnect the motorized opener if so equipped and lift the door manually. It should open and close smoothly and not offer excessive weight for the average homeowner. If the door tends to slam closed, it is a sign the springs need adjusted or replaced but this garage door hardware replacement is best left to the experts.
If the garage door installation was done correctly, the rollers on the outer edges of the door should roll up and down the tracks without binding. If one spring is tighter than the other or the side tracks are not in alignment, the door may have more weight on one side that it has on the other and be difficult to open and close.
A paid of scale can be used to determine if the weight of the door is evenly distributed by placing one sale under one side and noting the weight. Weighing the other side can quickly tell if the garage door hardware is installed correctly or worn out and needs to be replaced.

By: Pamela G. Grizzle

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