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Meditating For Self Healing And Development

Let us cut to the chase. meditation has long proven to be effective in self-healing and development of those people that have benefited from meditation practice. However, it takes effort to make this strategy work.

Meditation is a process of thought, consideration, and deliberation, contemplation, reflecting on, and rummaging through your mind. Mind exploring involves challenging your subliminal and conscious mind in an effort to persuade them to work in harmony.

Once the mind works in harmony, your problem-solving skills improve, self-sufficiency develops self-esteem increases, confidence soars, etc. You build strength of character when you put meditation into practice.

How does meditation work?
First, you need to guide the body and mind to relaxation. We can do this by reclining, or lying back and stretching out the body on a comfortable platform. Stretch your body once you are in position so that you relax the muscles and joints. This is your first step to guided relaxation.

Next, close your eyes shortly and allow your thoughts to zoom in to whatever it would like. Do not fight your feelings or thoughts; rather allow them to roam freely. Rejection, suppression, or repression is out, you need to open up your mind so that you can explore.

You can also meditate by focusing on a single object anywhere in your environment. For now, however we are going into meditation without opening the eyes. Keep your eyes closed. Relax, take a few natural breathes, inhaling and exhaling as you continue. If you feel any tension, let it go. If you feel tensed after trying to let it go, repeat the steps. Carry onward until you have inspired your mind and body to relax.

Once you are in a relaxed mode and your thoughts have galloped about, wondering wherever it would like, let go of your thoughts. Focus and move your mind to visualization. Picture you at present, and think of your toes. Allow your toes to release any tension and slowly move up over your body until every single inch of you have relaxed. Focus again.

Now, move slowly into an imaginary environment. Take a moment and consider anywhere in the world that you would like to be. Only you want to remove any distractions, thus you should remove any distractions by the way before starting to meditate.

Go anywhere you would like mentally. Go to a quiet area along the beach, or visit the highest mountain peak. It is your choice. Wherever you want to go, visit there. Once you have a nice visualization conjured up in your mind, take some time to feel, touch, smell, sense, etc. Let all of your sensory organs and human abilities explore the unique feeling of the relaxing environment you have created.

Smell the dandelions, or carnations in your surrounding, or the freshness of the outdoors. Let it circle you. Let it embrace your body and mind. Continue until you have setup a complete relaxing environment and then let your mind go. Let it roam. Do not try to reject, repress, or suppress your thoughts.

Repression, suppression and rejection is how you developed stress and is why you will find it difficult to achieve self-healing and development, thus you want to stop these patterns.

Self-healing and development is all about growing up and letting go of the stressors that build up from emotional repression. Thus, give your mind room to breathe and your mind will give you room to grow. Continue your meditation process until you feel a sense of power and relief. Repeat the practices often and you will reap great benefits. Self-awareness takes you along a path to contentment, which provides you a self-healing and development guide.

By: Michelle L. Green

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