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Military Challenge Coins For The Naval Forces

The challenge coins are a part of the history since the Greek and Roman era. They gained their importance with the military units after the First World War. The officers who landed in their own land but had no way to prove their identity used these coins and saved their lives by being killed by their own fellow officers. The different types of challenge coins gradually became popular and during the past two decades it has been used by all the civilian society as the best mode of advertisement. People are also using the coins as a way to do fund raising for any special purpose. Most of the people who deal with any kind of business have found coins to be a useful way to market their product and then gain a good feed back for them. Challenge coins are being used for multipurpose reasons as well which include things like opening bottles or using them as paper cutters.

The usual Navy challenge coins are 1.75” in diameter. The coins also have the different rank logos imprinted on them; the ranks can show that the officer owning the coin is at what rank in the naval sector. The navy coins usually have the sign of a ship on it; the ships may differ as each unit has their own logo for the coin. Similarly many units even have the sign of a hungry shark on them.
The navy challenge coins are to be kept by the soldiers at all times in case they have to swim to a nearby coast due any accident at least they have a proof of their identity with them.

The special medallions are made for the navy seals to commemorate their services in preventing the enemy from the sea route. It is very important to provide these soldiers with such things to encourage them and make them feel loved by not only their families and friends but also the whole nation. The price of a usual naval coin is about $10 but if any kind of a new style is added then the price might be more. The different units have their own designers that design a coin according to the style and logo of the unit.

The officers of the navy are provided by the navy challenge coins that prove their identity in case of any kind of mishap that may doubt the identity of the officer as a navy soldier. The navy challenge coins are different in the style of their borders and the logos of course. The different borders of the coins are as follows:
a) Flat cut
b) Rope Cut
c) Wave cut
d) Petal cut
e) Rope edge
f) Engraved cut with sequential numbering ( due to the number the border is slightly thicker than the rest)

Most of the coins are minted by special mints that mint coins for the military forces. These mints have the copyrights of the coins and the details about the coin of each unit are with them. These mints are the official coin printers of the military sector of the country. The navy challenge coins are a good way to distinguish the officers’ rank. All those officers who have been presented with special coins for any special act have a special glass case in which they can keep their coins and be proud of them.

By: Mariana Carlos

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