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First, you need to know what options your have when shipping a motorcycle within USA.
Door-to-door motorcycle shipping means your used or new motorcycle will be picked up directly from the “door” of your house, bike dealership, salvage insurance auction, etc. and delivered to the “door” at the point of destination. You don’t have to go anywhere to retrieve it from the motorcycle transport company. It’s different from terminal-to-terminal transportation service where you have to drop off and then pick up your motor cycle from the vehicle transport company’s terminals which are usually located near big metro areas.

Next, you get to decide if you want open truck motorcycle shipment, enclosed transport service, or crated motorcycle shipping.
• Open truck motorcycle transport simply means that your bike will be moved by a regular auto carrier. It will be exposed to the weather during the trip. You may expect that motorcycle shipping is cheaper compared to car shipping because of the smaller size but this is not the case. Vehicle carriers charge per spot on their truck and motorcycle shipping rates are just a bit lower than car shipping rates.
• Enclosed motorcycle transport service means that your bike will be sitting INSIDE the vehicle carrier’s truck. It’s preferred for new and custom bikes.
• Crated motorcycle freight service involves getting your cycle crated for transportation and you can buy a pre-made collapsible crate, have your transport company arrange for it or hire a crating warehouse. They are usually used in overseas shipping as it provides a solid protection for your bike during the oversea transport.

Now you need to select a motorcycle transport company. If you’re an AMA member (American Motorcycle Association) they can connect you with their preferred motorcycle shipping companies in USA. A quick search on the internet will bring a number of providers. Most of them will be shipping brokers and not the actual motorcycle transporters. Just make sure they are properly licensed and search Better Business Bureau’s listings for their ratings. You can also post your shipment on one of the online shipping boards to get multiple offers. Be prepared to provide the origin & destination, approximate departure date, type of motorcycle, and desired motorcycle shipping option.

From the day you sign the contract for the motorcycle shipment it will usually take 1.5-2.5 weeks until the actual pick up. Most of the companies cannot guarantee the exact pick up date as it depends on their routes and availability of other cargo. Make sure you get the signed report from the driver when he picks up your motor cycle. Also it’s not a good idea to include any motorcycle accessories, parts or products as the vehicle transport companies are not responsible for objects that are not part of the vehicle. Upon arrival please, inspect your motorcycle and if damage occurred, note all damages on your inspection report, obtain the driver's signature, and contact your motorcycle shipping company.

By: Michael Bliss

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