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Preventing Paper Jams In Your Paper Shredder

Paper jam is the most annoying problem of working in your office. One of the major culprits of the paper jam is a paper shredder. It is important for you to solve your problem when you get jam in shredding paper. To help your problem, here is information that you can read as consideration in preventing paper jam when using your shredder.

Paper shredder is one of common fixtures in the office workspace. For many times, paper jam can be slowing down to your work and also causing you more troubles that you will think that it is necessary.

In preventing paper jam, you should never try to shred more papers at once. A great rule of thumb is by never trying to shred more that 7 paper at one time. This is really helpful for you to prevent paper jam, since paper jam is normally caused by trying to shred more paper. Stay on the rule to shred not more that 6 to 7 paper in shredding paper, this will help you to keep your shredder works well.

Putting a large object trough your paper shredder will cause it to jam. You should remove any paper clip, binder clip or anything that will get caught in the blades of your shredder. Keep away all those things from the blades of your shredder.

You can remove the waste basket from your shredder. This is another way in preventing your shredder from jamming. If you do not make the waste basket empty, paper can get jammed. So, remember to do this way as it will help you much. By following some steps above, you can prevent your paper shredder from jamming. It is really important for you so you do need to worry in having a problem when shredding paper with your shredder.

By: Ethan Scott

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