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Rediscovering The Considerable Benefits Of The Ancient Art Of Meditation

As the pace of life increases and we all lead busier and busier lives so we tend to overlook both our physical and mental health so that today we are all suffering from stress to some degree. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that we are turning more and more to time honored art of meditation.

As a result of its long record of effectiveness, meditation today is being carried out not merely to still the mind and lower stress but also to deal with a widening range of physical conditions.

There are several physical benefits to be derived from meditation which lowers the heart rate and therefore pressure on the heart, reduces levels of the 'stress' hormone cortisol and other chemicals in the body that are linked to stress and reduces the number of free radicals in the body so further helping to lower blood pressure. Meditation also improves the oxygen flow in the lungs to assist breathing and can even increasing levels of DHEA to help slow aging.

As far as its psychological benefits, meditation decreases anxiety and irritability and increases memory and therefore the ability to learn. Accordingly, it also results in a positive outlook on life giving you a feeling of youthfulness and rejuvenation.

A few other notable benefits of meditation exercises include:

* Producing an overall relaxation of not simply the mind and body but also of your very soul.

* Assisting with the healing of various illnesses for which there is an association between the physical condition and the emotional state of the sufferer.

* Affecting an opening into the 'inner self' thereby releasing our natural creativity.

* Providing an enhancement to our innate self-confidence leading to a stronger and more dominant sense of will power.

* Generating an increase in levels of energy that make it easier to tackle the strains of life.

* producing a greater ability to tackle a variety of vices and addictions ranging from alcohol and tobacco to narcotics.

And so the list can go on and on.

Just like everything else however meditation is a powerful force for good if it is used in the right way but it can also cause more problems than it solves if it is not used properly. The key therefore is to know exactly what guided meditation can do and to ensure that you learn the practice of meditation before you add daily meditation into your normal pattern of life.

By: Donald Saunders

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