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The Militare Ordine Del Collare.

The Royal House of Aragon, Majorca and Sicily performs major work such as charities and other dynamic activities being implemented by the Militare Ordine del Collare di Sant’Agata dei Paternò, which is the dynastic Order of Knighthood. Existing heirs of the Royal House continues to reside in Catania in Sicily. In other countries however, the Military Order of the Collar continued to survive and is still doing its prominent work. Being passed down from one generation to generation of the family members, it was eventually changed from honorary to Dynastic Order.

In the Nordic countries and Baltic Regions as well as in other countries, the Militare Ordine del Collare or MOC Order continued faithfully their active and altruistic work. Among the Orders in the patrimony of the Royal House of Aragon, it is the Military Order of the Collar, which is considered the most vital. However, the rest of the Orders do entirely honorific work. Aragon initially, is just a small country or what is commonly called a settlement in Iberian Peninsular. Later on however, it finally became a large country, which was able to take over Majorca and Sicily. Because of the vitality of the Order, which is MOC, the House of Aragon, Major and Sicily remains to be the acknowledged part of main Royal Houses in exile.

As part of the important historical past of the Sicilian Life, the Royal House of Aragon is now shown only for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the factual data and history of the previous rulers and existing countries prior to its disappearance and becoming a part of what is now Spain, Greece, and Italy. Looking back, the Kingdom’s history relates in details the presence of important titles such as nobles, Kings, Queens, and the titles of Duchesses, Dukes, Counts, and Countesses. Even the prominent members of the Militare Ordine del Collare are ranked as Knights and Dames.

Founded in 1289, the Grand Order started as knightly fraternity in which King Alfonse II knighted the important men in Minorca. Selected knights will have to reside in the castle and are tasked to guard the fortress of St. Agatha to prevent invaders from infiltrating their country. Armed and wearing special uniform, theses famous figures eventually developed their own knighthood. In 1851, the Duke of Carcaci discovered the confirmation of its history by the accounts of MOC that has been documented in the 16th century. This is the time when the Order was given full recognition and its importance given enough magnitude all over again.

The order at present has 4 Grand Priories in Europe and the Grand Priory of Terra Nordica, which houses the rest of the Scandinavia members. The title ranked such as the Knight or Dame, Knight or Dame with Grand Cross, Knight or Dame with Grand Cross with Collar and Knight or Dame with Grand Cross with Grand Collar are given to the members of the organization.

If you are planning to visit the area of Majorca and Sicily or better yet, it is a part of your studies, their history is something that you need to remember. It is the best way to understand people, its culture, and helps you to appreciate the historical sites that make up the entire country. To learn further on the rich history the Military Order of the Collar of the Royal House of Aragon, Majorca and Sicily, visit their official website online. You can read about the tradition and custom of the Order including their activities online.

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