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The Uk’s Cheapest Electricity Supplier: Isupplyenergy

Homeowners in many parts of the UK are switching to iSupplyEnergy as the company has been reputed to be the cheapest electricity supplier for many parts of the country. The British-owned company is new to the energy field but making an impact in the lives (and pocketbooks) of many people who have made the switch from their former supplier to iSupplyEnergy. Based on the Southern coast of England in Dorset, iSupplyEnergy has many things going for it besides its low rates.

iSupplyEnergy Pricing
The company’s website stresses its platform of “no pushy selling, confusing discounts, cash back offers or complex incentives programmes – just simple, low, honest pricing,” ( Consumers will find that this selling point holds up. There is a refreshingly straightforward nature about the way the company delivers its information. The website is concise yet filled with essential information consumers need to make educated choices.

When it comes to pricing, iSupplyEnergy is also straightforward. Interested parties can generate a quote right on the company’s website to give them an idea of the cost savings they can achieve by switching to this company for electricity. In addition, the company states
“The price you pay is made up of a fixed unit rate (tariff rate) and a fixed daily connection charge (standing charge) and is guaranteed not to change… The amount you pay is equal to your fixed unit rate multiplied by the amount of energy you have used added to the standing charge multiplied by the number of days you have used it (for any particular billing period).”
The company provides some examples so consumers have a good idea about how actual bills are generated.

A Streamlined Process
One reason that the company may be able to charge low rates is that it has a very modern and streamlined way of doing business; it’s certainly not old fashioned and its terms may not appeal to everyone. On the other hand, it states these terms right up front so consumers can easily decide of doing business with iSupplyEnergy is right for them. These terms include: “prices fixed for 12 months, submit meter readings online, paperless billing, payment by monthly, direct debit, [and] manage everything online.” The company has skirted the whole idea of the call centre in favor of technology solutions provided via the internet. There are more self-service features, but for anyone comfortable with conducting business online—this approach makes perfect sense especially when one considers the cost savings it leads to.

Why do Consumers Switch to iSupplyEnergy
Certainly the low rates are a top selling point; the company affirms that there are plenty of reasons to consider them. Their easy-to-use website and helpful tips are also part of the package when consumers sign on to switch to iSupply Energy. The website platform—reporting questions, concerns, or looking at bills—is preferable for many people today who are already used to doing banking and communicating via the internet.

The Bill Explained
One of the most helpful features of the website is the in-depth explanation of the bill. Too often consumers don’t even know what they’re paying for—so many miscellaneous fees are tacked on with seemingly miscellaneous tags. This company, however, presents direct information about each line of the bill that consumers will easily comprehend.

While the company follows industry guidelines when it comes to billing, it is also quite straightforward. There is a sample bill with each page outlined on the website. A helpful bill summary is located on the first page. It details the essential information consumers need to know—how much they owe, for example. Page 2 provides the energy statement details like the standing charge and metered charge. Page 3 provides the meter reading details; not every consumer is interested in the technical numbers, but those who are love this addition. Page 4 simply provides a phone number or email that a person can call if they have questions of issues with the bill. Finally, the last page offers very helpful and practical information should someone have trouble paying their energy bill. It also provides various tips and reminders for consumers to keep in mind between billing periods.

Check Out the Website
Consumers who are concerned about renewable energy and how they can employ more solar, for instance, can check out the site’s extensive renewable energy section. Detailed information is provided and frequently asked questions are addressed. The site also lists emergency numbers for its service areas as well as lots of tips for consumers who want to pay even lower energy rates.

Tips to Conserve Energy
The company provides many ways its customers can become more energy efficient and, consequently, lower their electricity bills even more. The site discusses how people can prevent draughts, install more efficient insulation, and purchase more energy efficient appliances that may eventually even pay for themselves with the cost savings they’ll generate over time. From turning down the thermostat one degree in winter to employing new energy efficient light bulbs, consumers can further capitalize on iSupplyEnergy’s low rates and save even more money with each bill just by following these outlined tips that make perfect sense. Conserving energy appears to require lots of small changes, but collectively they make a dramatic statement.

Are You Ready to Switch?
If you live in a mid-sized home and are frustrated about the cost of electricity you pay annually, you should certainly investigate iSupplyEnergy’s products and platform. Learn from the company through its website and try to speak with other customers about their experience with the company. If you like the terms—and internet only isn’t to everyone’s taste—you may find that the change will suit.

iSupplyEnergy has a good reputation and certainly the best reputation when it comes to cheap rates; they are, indeed, the cheapest electricity supplier in the UK. Because, perhaps, they are a new company and are still working to widen their customer base, they are quite human in the way to do business in spite of the internet platform. It appears that most are happy with the switch. Generate a quote on the company’s site and see if a switch makes sense for you.

By: SelJones

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