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Time Management Strategy: Stargazing Got You Procrastinating?

This time management strategy is for those of you who procrastinate because youíre stargazers. As a stargazer youíd rather think about doing something than actually just doing it. The problem is that nothing ever happens until you take action, so the longer you stargaze about what could be the more you prolong not getting the possible.

There isnít anything wrong with stargazing, in fact it can help you to formulate great thoughts. A time management strategy that will allow you to have the joy of stargazing plus help you to get things done is to establish a clear objective. What is the ultimate result you want? The more clearly you know the desired output the easier it will be for you to move to action.

Thereís a time and place for everything. Do your stargazing or day dreaming during your leisure time rather than during your productive time. Use your leisure time to really gain in depth clarity about the exact output you want from completing a specific project or goal.

As with any time management strategy you need to set a deadline for action. Notice I didnít say a deadline for completion, but rather a deadline for action. Once youíve gotten complete clarity on the output youíll want to break it down into all the necessary action steps. Then set your deadline for when you will start and commit to consistently working through each action item until the whole project is finished.

The fact that you are a stargazer makes you better prepared to think big picture than many others. You know from previous experience and time management strategies that the devil is in the details. Thatís why itís so important for you to get the full picture and then work out all the necessary details, so when itís time for action youíll be ready to steam roll right through each and every step.

Now you understand how this time management strategy will help you to turn what you may have thought was a weakness into a strength. One of the best and quickest ways to succeed at anything is to build on your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses. Allow yourself to think big with your stargazing and then bring your thoughts down into the details and you will enjoy both the pleasure of your dreaming and the satisfaction of getting things done.

By: Cheryl A. Clausen

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