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When Research Catches Up With God

I love it when research catches up with God! A recent study (Neurology, 2009) shows that living "calm and relaxed" reduces your chances of getting dementia by 50%.

That's a really meaningful difference. And it makes sense. When we're frequently anxious, worried and distressed, or when we live angry, hostile or bitter lives, we have constant showers of stress biochemicals flowing through our brains. Those stress biochemicals throw the healthy processes in our bodies off track, and do damage at every level.

Living “calm and relaxed” means living with a steady stream of nourishing, healing biochemicals flowing through your body. And of course, these are the very biochemicals that are turned on in your brain when you meditate!

When we trust in the Lord, when we meditate day and night, when we live in the peace of His love--we live in the healthy pathways He created for us.

What a gift of love God gives us. The more we live in the ways He created for us, the healthier and happier, and more effective we are. We become more and more fully the person we were created to be.

Incidentally--we don't have to worry that research may have missed something. God shows us His pathways clearly in Scripture, so we're informed and empowered to make healthy, positive choices, even when science hasn't caught up yet!

By: Deborah Kukal, Ph.D.

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