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Why Would I Call You Magnetic?

Human being are essentially magnets. Our attractive power is based on the thoughts and feelings which we choose. The power to choose our thoughts separates us from all other life forms. This amazing gift enables us to plant thoughts in our mind which eventually become ideas. These ideas, when backed by a firm belief, will attract similar thoughts, people, and circumstances which are in harmony with them. We attract whatever we are predominately thinking and feeling.

As you start each day be aware of what you are thinking about. Most of us are subject to the "cascade of thoughts" syndrome when entering a waking state. Various images run through our mind and many of these are thoughts which we dread. We don't want to wake up or go to work. We don't want to have to deal with the commute. The masses have perfected the art of thinking about what they don't want. Since we are all magnets, we will certainly receive more of what we don't want in some way, shape, or form.

Be aware of the company which you keep. Socializing with negative people will fill one's mind with dour and pessimistic imagery. We may agree with their views without even thinking about what they are saying. This is because we are in harmony with their thinking process since we are negatively conditioned. We are simply reacting out of habit. The more we associate with these folks the more we will attract negative situations into our lives. Our magnetic force never rests.

We've been blessed with the gift of thinking. I do not mean mental activity because the two processes are very different. Real thinking means controlling our thoughts. Mental activity is anything which is occurring in the mind. Some minds are in a chaotic state. Rogue thoughts run in and out without any supervision. Many react negatively to these tramp impulses, not knowing that their entry into the mind was preventable. Try responding to life's situations by controlling the mind. Think about things first then act on them later.

Real thinking means to gain power over our minds. The best time to practice mind control is as the day starts. We should reject all that we don't want to think about and affirm that we are always magnets, at all times and in all places. The simplest way to do this is to declare, "I am a magnet at all times", for 10 minutes in the morning. We may commence to think about all the things that we want to be, do, and have that day. This will form the habit of thinking about what we do want instead of what we don't want. Remember that we are always in a magnetic state and the more that we introduce this concept to the mind the more we will believe in it. When we have absolute faith in the fact that we are a magnet we will place ourselves in an entirely different vibration. We will feel so much better about ourselves and will begin to think about what we want to think about instead of letting negative thoughts enter into our minds.

Follow this practice and you will attract to yourself more of what you want.

By: Ryan K Biddulph

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