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Xbox Error Code - Don't Be Caught With Your Pants Down

As a avid Xbox 360 gamer, you were more than happy to hand over large amounts of cold hard cash in order to have the best of the best. And you supplemented your latest hardware with the best games that money can buy.

After several months of enjoying all the glamor and the fame of having the best gaming system available, you run into a big problem. Your Xbox 360 has now been put on the injured reserve because of some petty Xbox 360 error code. This is a very common issue for Microsoft and it also leaves you with a bad feeling at the bottom of your stomach. After handing over your hard earned money, your Xbox box 360 is unable to perform like it should.

So what do you do now? You have several options as an avid Xbox 360 fan. Your first option is sending in your defective Xbox 360 all the way to Microsoft to have this problem repaired. But the downside to this is the amount of time it take to receive your console back. This can take a period of four to six weeks. Nearly two months! That is a lot of downtime when you think about it. And on top of that, you can expect to have the same Xbox error code coming back again. Sending your system to Microsoft to fix the Xbox repair code might not be the best idea. Especially if you are not under any warranty, expect to hand over one hundred and forty dollars every time you have issues with fixing your Xbox 360.

By: ayo olabode

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