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Xbox Troubleshooting - What You Should Do

So you are sitting there playing your favorite Xbox 360 game and after some time you run into some unexpected trouble. Your well maintained Xbox 360 has now been placed on the injured reserve list. So what is the best solution for your problem?

Well you have several options at your arsenal to remedy this problem. You can send your system to Microsoft to be fixed. You can also perform some Xbox troubleshooting. And if you feel you are capable of fixing your Xbox 360 you can just repair it yourself. Sending in the Xbox is the most common option that most gamers choose when the laziness kicks in because they do not want to learn about their Xbox 360 inside and out. Sure, it might seem easier to just go ahead and send it out to Microsoft but you are looking at six weeks of waiting before you can get back into action in no time.

Looking at this situation you can pretty much see that troubleshooting your own Xbox 360 is the best option. When doing your own troubleshooting I am going to stress several important and key points for you. The first thing you should be careful about is the solders. Microsoft utilized lead free solders in your Xbox 360 console, theses are very brittle and if you are not careful during the Xbox troubleshooting you might obstruct the electrical current. Trust me, electrical nightmares are not fun to deal with. Another thing you should be watchful of is the heat sink. Microsoft left some excessive foil in this area in the Xbox 360. If you do decide to remove the foil just remember to reapply the thermal compound.

By: ayo olabode

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