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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Leukemia

  • Protein research used in leukemia treatment
    Leukemia is known as a type of cancer that attacks the blood. A recent discovered protein is believed to provide insights into the details of the interaction between sperm and egg
  • Leukemia symptoms
    Leukemia is not a very common disease and unfortunately the exact cause of leukemia is not yet known. People that suffer from this disease can get infections very easily
  • Leukemia and chemotherapy
    Leukemia is a disease that affects your blood and bone marrow. It is not a very common disease, but leukemia can be a very serious and severe condition. This disease can lead to death and treating your leukemia case may be painful and hard
  • Some facts about leukemia treatment options
    Leukemia has two major types: acute and chronic. In what concerns acute leukemia, there are two forms: if leukemia involves lymphocytes, we are dealing with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and if it involves myeloid cells, is called acute myelogenous leukemia
  • Helpful facts to understand what is leukemia
    Being a cancer of the blood cells, leukemia has several types, classified depending on how quickly they progress and what cells they affect.We can mention the role of normal blood cells
  • New discoveries in leukemia treatments
    Scientists and doctors, with the help of modern technology and state of the art technical equipment, have succeeded in finding somewhat of a cure for leukemia
  • Laboratory tests performed to diagnose and classify leukemia
    A doctor- a pathologist or a hematologist/oncologist- having special training in recognizing cells from blood and lymphoid tissue diseases will examine under the microscope all bone marrow aspirates and biopsy specimens
  • Different types of leukemia
    People with leukemia which, is a blood cancer,may have different symptoms.So the symptoms can be common,chronic and acute.Generally these symptoms are not considered sings of leukemia because it can be an infection or another problem which can cause these symptoms.
  • The case of acute Myelogenous leukemia
    In patients suffering from acute leukemia things can go from better to worse in just a split second so that is why treatment and medication must begin as soon as symptoms may appear and the personís health starts deteriorating.
  • Signs and symptoms of leukemia
    In the case of leukemia signs and symptoms are also many and variable. One of the most important would be the infections that appear and trouble the patient by making him go down with a fever.
  • How to treat leukemia
    Treating leukemia can be a complex and difficult task. Certain factors must be taken in to calculation if a proper treatment is to be administered and to take affect.
  • General info on leukemia
    Leukemia is a very serious disease that affects both the marrow and blood system. In the case of leukemia the number of white blood cells that are in a human body get seriously out of control and multiply to a very big and alarming number.
  • What to know about leukemia
    If one discovers that he is ill from leukemia it is only normal and natural of him to try and get answers to some pretty many questions that are going to appear.
  • Fighting leukemia
    Patients with leukemia were not doing so good till some short time ago when it comes to treatments or medication. With the help of modern medicine and technology doctors and scientist have just recently come up with some treatments or ways to fight the symptoms of this terrible disease.
  • Tests for determining leukemia
    The stem cells are formed by the leukemia cells in the bone marrow.These cells have uncontrolled growth and lead to decrease production of normal blood cells.
  • Leukemia-an erosion of white cells
    The blood cancer called leukemia, begins in the bone marrow and the lymph system, the two organs that make blood.In leukemia,these two organs produce abnormal and immature white blood cells,which are called leukocytes.
  • Statistic data on Leukemia
    Leukemia is the blood cancer form and originates in a malfunctioning bone marrow that tends to produce abnormal red and white cells in an increased rate. The most important four types of Leukemia are the acute and chronic myelogenous leukemia and the acute and chronic lymphocytic Leukemia. The name of the condition stands for the cell type involved.
  • What is leukemia, and what are its types and its treatment
    Leukemia is a malignant cancer that first affects the organs that produce blood and blood cells,like the lymph and the bone marrow. These organs loose control over the number and quality of white blood cells (also known as leukocytes) that they produce, so the blood gets saturated with with abnormal white blood cells that can't fulfill their initial role of protecting the body against viruses and bacteria.
  • Symptoms of chronic and acute leukemia
    Discovering leukemia while it is still in an early phase is crucial in its treatment because when the disease advances it starts to spread in the whole body and it's much harder to be treated.
  • Understanding and Recognizing Leukemia Symptoms
    Leukemia is a sort of cancer of the blood and marrow. The disease is characterized through the
  • Different Forms of Acute Leukemia
    Leukemia is a disease of the bone marrow and blood that is known to affect normal blood cell
  • General Aspects of Leukemia
    Many people suffer from leukemia these days. A large number of cases of cancer are identified to
  • Particularities of Different Types of Leukemia
    Leukemia is a form of cancer that occurs at the level of the spinal marrow. Inside the spinal
  • Possible Leukemia Causes and Risk Factors
    Leukemia is a disease that is considered to be life-threatening. It requires prompt intervention
  • Understanding Chronic Leukemia
    Leukemia is a disease of the blood and bone marrow that occurs on the background of genetic

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