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  • Subtitles for All Types of Movies
    Nowadays, people have less free time to themselves and have to work harder to earn their living
  • Lost: Don’t Fear the Reaper
    Fans of Lost cast member Henry Ian Cusick can expect to see him soon as the end incarnate. Cusick has been slated to step in as a replacement for Mandy Patinkin, and appearing in an all-new Dead Like Me movie that will be heading straight for a DVD release. The project’s filming schedule remains in
  • Prison Break: Back to the Cells
    Fans of the Fox television crime drama series have a lot to look forward to in season 3, according to cast member Dominic Purcell, who stars as wrongfully accused felon Lincoln Burrows. He has stated that the show is attempting a back-to-basics approach by setting much of the action within another prison
  • Enjoy the World of the Internet with Free Hip Hop Videos
    The Internet is a world within our world. What you do in the real world can also be done in front of your computer by surfing the Internet
  • Grey's Anatomy Star's New Commercial Helps Raise Funds
    Aside from filming the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy, Chandra Wilson has been keeping herself busy by actively participating in fundraising activities
  • Survivor: A Hero’s Homecoming
    Advertising executive Earl Cole is heading home with a bang
  • Survivor: Preparing for War
    Fans of competitive reality television have quite a bit to look forward to, as the latest season of Survivor is ready to debut on Thursday, September 20. Survivor: China is the first-ever U.S. reality series to be produced in the world’s largest and most populated country, and claims that it will feature not only the famed tension and struggles between contestants, but also the rich cultural past of the land as well
  • CBS announces big changes for Big Brother 8; to air nightly uncensored show
    CBS with it's reality series Big Brother has carried out its promise to entertain its viewers with big changes and surprises for its upcoming season. Last night, Allison Grodner announced that these changes won't be just alterations on
  • The 4400 4.02 "Fear Itself" Recap
    Where is Jordan Collier when you need him? Tonight's episode of The 4400 featured a dad who gives his autistic son a dose of Promicin. Now how harmful can an autistic child be? Very harmful, especially when he's on Promicin. The boy, who by the way is obsessed with trains
  • How 'Lost' Will Find the Emmys Again
    2006 saw the victory of Lost as it won the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series. Last year, however, all the major categories seem to have neglected the series' existence, except for Henry Ian Cusick’s Guest Actor nomination for playing Desmond
  • Emmy Finalists Revealed: 24, Lost, Heroes in the Running
    The 2007 Emmy Awards are just around the corner, with the official nominations due to be announced on the morning of July 19, by Emmy-nominated actors, Kyra Sedgwick of The Closer and Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men
  • Prison Break: More Wentworth Miller Gay Rumors
    On the heels of Doogie Howser, M.D. and How I Met Your Mother star, Neil Patrick Harris’ confident declaration of his sexual orientation, Prison Break’s hottest hunk has been besieged by persistent rumors regarding his own sexual preference
  • Another Movie for Steve Carell
    Comedian Steve Carell has come a long way from his role as Michael Scott on the American version of the television sitcom, The Office. He is also no longer just The 40-Year Old Virgin, Andy Stitzer
  • Hugh Laurie Stars in New Movie
    House stars may be on summer hiatus from their award-winning show, but their presence can still be felt in their upcoming big screen projects. Just recently, we reported on Jennifer Morrison, who plays Dr. Allison Cameron on the
  • CSI Camps Open in Arizona
    Previous reports have explained that crime dramas like CSI negatively affect the public's perception and expectations of the legal system, however, several children’s camps around the state of Arizona have based their summer projects on the forensic activities featured in popular crime shows
  • American Idol: Kelly Clarkson Releases "My December" Today
    After weeks of troubled news surrounding Kelly Clarkson’s third album, the first American Idol champion’s “My December” is finally hitting record stores in the United States today. Following the cancellation of her summer tour, originally
  • A Talk about Movies
    Watching a movie has always been a fun way to spend an evening, to enjoy some time with your family, your friends and with the girl/ boy you have a crush on.
  • New Characters for Season Three of Prison Break
    After the string of unexpected deaths on Prison Break Season two, the highly anticipated season three promises to return with some new characters that will hopefully infuse more thrill and action to the Fox series
  • The Hitcher Now Out on DVD
    The Hitcher, year 2007's version of the horror film of the same name, came out on DVD on May 1, featuring a collection bonus features that horror fanatics will surely clamor for. It contains the usual deleted scenes comprised of over twenty minutes of cut scenes and an ending that didn't pass regulatory boards
  • Smallville Season Six DVD Details Released
    Smallville's complete sixth season packaged into a sleek DVD is set to be released on September 16, 2007. Fans will be delighted to backtrack on the events of season six, including Clark and Lex's conflict turned rivalry when Lex marries Clark's
  • Exclusive Interview: Kristine Lefebvre, 14th contestant fired from The Apprentice: LA
    The wealthy and controversial host of the show, Donald Trump, has made another surprising elimination on the hit series, The Apprentice. Kristine “The Schmoozer” Lefebvre became the 14th contestant to leave the show, after a very loud and confusing turn of events.
  • Desperate Housewives Doctor is Set to Star in New Comedy
    ABC Network has a myriad of upcoming comedy series, which has many familiar faces on television hopping from one show to another. Actress Faith Ford, whose initial claim to fame was made possible with her portrayal of Corky Sherwood on the sitcom Murphy Brown, has been cast in the show, Carpoolers.
  • Exclusive Interview: Uchenna and Joyce Agu, 7th Team Eliminated from The Amazing Race All-Stars
    Although there will be no second win for couple Uchenna and Joyce Agu on the hit reality series, The Amazing Race: All-Stars, many can still keep themselves updated on the couple’s progress, may it be about their baby plans or relationship struggles and milestones
  • American Idol: Chris Richardson photographed with MTV's Lauren Conrad
    American Idol has had its share of controversies ever since it launch in 2002, whether about issues surrounding its contestants, host or its infamous judges. Nevertheless, the love lives or personal relationships of its contestants hardly make the news…until now.
  • CSI: Las Vegas Grissom Departs
    Actor William Petersen, who portrays Gil Grissom on the popular television series, CSI: Las Vegas, is set to make his departure from the show.
  • Smallville - 6.17 Combat - Clark Vs. Kane
    Finally, Smallville gets some action! On the episode entitled "Combat," a notorious fighter grace the storylines of the popular sci-fi show and he comes in the form of a Phantom Zoner named "Titan," who is played by the wrestling veteran Kane.
  • Prison Break March Preview - Spoiler Warning!
    With Prison Break heading into the Spring of its second season, I think it’s a good time to look back and reflect on what has turned out to be one of TV’s most unlikely successes. Prison Break premiered in the summer of 2005 as one of FOX’s optimistic series, something that was high-concept and probably didn’t have a lot of hope for future success.
  • Prison Break 2.17 Bad Blood – Review
    The seventeenth episode of Prison Break’s season two called "Bad Blood" has garnered views that are "worlds apart." Having an "either you like it or you don’t" point of view has sparked much controversy over the said episode.
  • Gilmore Girls and Its Undervalued Dialogue
    Gilmore Girls is famous for its dialogue. Yes, we all know this to be true, But, what this great BuddyTV article points out is to what degree this dialogue is important. Not only important, but just how unique it is for a show to rely entirely on its dialogue. And, going further, not only how unique it is, but how large of an overall accomplishment it is to achieve such a high level of quality when you are a show based entirely on the greatness of you dialogue.
  • Dancing with the Stars, Season 3: A Retrospective
    Dancing with the Stars is a great show. This season showcased exactly how and why the show is beloved by millions. Dancing with the Stars also really came into its own. The stars were better this season, we had controversy and, not the best dancer, but the best performer won. Why does everyone love this show so much? There are some haters out there, some people who deride the program as your typical reality garbage, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Dancing with the Stars brings famil

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