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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Music Reviews

  • Geddy Lee and His Influence on Progressive Metal Music
    Geddy Lee first appeared on the world music stage in the year 1968, when he joined a Canadian rock band called Rush
  • The Band that Rocked the World
    Progressive rock music first came to life in the 1960s, as an electric, ambitious and imposing rock music style and in less than a decade, the whole world embraced this form of rock
  • Progressive Rock Bands that Inspired the World
    Progressive rock appeared in the late 1960s when rock artists wanted to break down the barriers of radio formatted pop and rock
  • The Music of Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson
    The summer of 1968, Canada: a new band was brought to life - Rush. It started out as a heavy metal band and throughout the years it has evolved musically, embracing numerous rock genres as hard rock, modern rock and progressive rock
  • Enter the Right Music Competitions and Have Your Own Hip Hop Music Videos
    When you are a starting rap hip hop artist or music producer getting the breakthrough you have been waiting for can take a lot of work and talent shows or you might just get it from the first try if you enter the right music competition
  • Get the Breakthrough You Have Been Looking for
    In the late 1700’s a new industry began to shape as singers, musicians and composers started looking for opportunities to market their performances and most of all their music
  • Download Music for almost Free
    There are many online websites that offer music downloads, and other music download services. Some websites charge a per-music download charge, while other websites offer one monthly fee for unlimited music downloads. It has been documented that compact disc sales are on the decline (19% in the last couple of years), and online music download sales on an ever increasing trend. According to some reports, revenues from digital music sales have almost tripled in the last year; with Apple’s iTune
  • MP3 is the Most Efficient Way to Play Music
    If you want the most portable and easy-to-use device to play music on, you will need an mp3 player and some music stored as mp3 music files. Not only is this the technology that will replace other music players soon, but it is the most advanced way to play music. It’s also so easy to download music from the Internet in mp3 format that you’ll never have to go to a record store again once you have an mp3 player.
  • Hiring Wedding DJs and Party DJs
    Whether you plan on getting married or just having a nice private party together with your friends, you should remember the importance of a good Dj in making your wedding reception the best and impressing your guests by creating a party play list to suit all. If you live in Ireland and wish to organize a successful wedding or a surprise party, Djs are available for you on the internet allowing you to choose the right style wedding DJ or Party DJ for your planned special occasion.
  • Want a perfect party? Hire a DJ from Ireland!
    Hiring Dublin DJs, Cork DJs, Limerick DJs or Galway DJs for your perfect party in Ireland is a recipe for great parties with lots of guests and lots of fun. Being young means having fun and enjoying your life without worrying about money or how it will be when you are old.
  • Free Music Downloads – The New Internet Craze
    When you are a music enthusiast, you are permanently striving to take your passion for music to the next level by regularly updating your music collection and looking for information on your favorite artists and bands. Considering the fact that most offline music resources charge considerable fees for music purchases (CDs, cassettes and old records), lots of young music enthusiasts are turning to the Internet for satisfying their insatiable passion for music.

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