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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Music

  • High School Musical Star Denies Rivalry
    The recent success of High School Musical 2 sent fans into a frenzy as it aired this weekend in the Disney Channel
  • High School Musical Couples News
    High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron seem to be a hot item not only in the made-for-television film, but also in real life
  • The Best way to Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar
    Learning how to play acoustic guitar is not quite as difficult as the electric guitar
  • Find Men’s Wedding Bands Online
    It is highly uncustomary for men to wear any piece of jewelry other than a watch
  • Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands – An Excellent Choice for the Modern Man
    A man wearing a wedding ring is a rather new phenomenon
  • Changing MP3 Download Laws in the Global Market
    One of the nicest things about online music downloads is that people now have freedom when it comes to which MP3 player they want to use and which MP3 music download site they want to use
  • EMI Giving Easy Access to Unrestricted MP3s
    The proliferation of the MP3 music download market is clear, as one of the largest record labels in the world has decided to make their music available online without restrictions
  • Making CDs Out of MP3s
    It is easy to amass a huge collection of MP3 songs by downloading music online, but without a portable MP3 player there’s nowhere to keep them but on the home computer. This isn’t necessarily the safest way to store MP3 music downloads, though
  • The iPod Shuffle.
    The iPod shuffle is the smallest of the iPod family and it is the simplest, but it is still convenient and has good sound quality. The iPod shuffle is available in two models. The first generation of the iPod shuffle is as big as a pack of gum
  • The Popular iPod Nano
    The most popular Apple product right now is the iPod Nano. The iPod Nano is much smaller than the standard iPod, but has almost all of the same capabilities. There are two generations of the iPod Nano
  • Finding Free Music Online
    There are plenty of free music downloads online that a person can find, that are legal too. Many people are reluctant to download free music in fear that they are downloading the music illegally
  • From Idol to Music Artist
    Who would have thought that a young cocktail waitress from Texas would eventually have three music labels? Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol contest back in 2002, and was awarded with a record deal and the chance at a music career
    ADH, also called vasopressin is the hormone that controls the amount of water conserved
  • Legal Music Sites
    Downloading music from the internet is not as hard to do as many people assume. Recently people have been weary to the fact that music sites have been sharing their music illegally
  • Never Again Music Hits
    People have been talking about Kelly Clarkson’s newest music download single, “Never Again.” It was written by Kelly herself, and will show the world what kind of music she is capable of writing
  • Online Music Downloads
    Online music is one of the most popular ways to acquire music these days. It makes sense, since almost every person here has or has heard of the iPod. Downloading music from the internet makes it more convenient to upload the songs directly onto an M3 player
  • Steps to Legal Downloading
    Finding good music to download online has gotten to be quite a challenge recently. But not because there is no good music out there, but because downloading legal music is harder to do, since there are so many illegal music sites on the internet
  • Learn How to Play Guitar in Less Time
    With so many quality guitar lesson-providing websites out there, increasingly larger numbers of existing and prospective guitar players are nowadays turning to the Internet when it comes to finding efficient guitar playing lessons, tutorials, tips and tricks that can significantly improve their playing. Although many types of guitar lessons have good potential of teaching both the basics and subtleties behind playing the guitar, guitar lesson videos are still regarded as the best methods of lear
  • The Internet – A Great Place to Find Guitar Lessons
    If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar the easy, convenient way and in the quickest time possible, then it is advisable to turn to the Internet for help. At present there are thousands of high-quality, dedicated online resources that have been especially designed to meet the needs and requirements of existing and prospective guitar players worldwide, so everyone who wishes to learn more about playing the guitar can find and access a wide range of invaluable guitar playing tips,
  • Grey's Anatomy and Music: Everybody Wins
    Grey's Anatomy is a great show for a number of reasons. One of my favorite, however, that few people talk about, is the music. Grey's Anatomy features some of the best up and coming talent that the music industry has to offer. After every episode, I go on line and check out what those awesome songs were on Grey's Anatomy that night and then I go to iTunes and I download them. Lot's of my favorite CD's have come from me first hearing about them on Grey's Anatomy.

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