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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Nutrition

  • Keep your hart healthy by eating healthy
    Nowadays people eat a lot of junk food and to not think about the consequences this food has upon the heart. With a right diet everyone can eat a good food and keep their heart healthy
  • Necessary food versus unhealthy food
    To avoid the acid reflux a proper diet should be keept.In these case the milk is recommended but for some people the milk is good, but for others is bad.
  • The best diet to reduce cholesterol
    Nowadays many people suffer from cholesterol, because they tend not to pay as much attention to what they eat as they should. Fast food and take out has gained a lot of ground and eating healthy food is more and more of an abstract idea.
  • Nuts and their role in a healthy diet
    People do not give as much attention as nuts as they should. Some of them even consider nuts to bee junk food and very unhealthy. Well, nutritionists today advice us otherwise. They encourage us to eat nuts and use them in many meals as possible, of course, as long as you are not allergic to them.
  • Vegetarian Diets Ė Effective Alternatives to Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
    Increasingly larger numbers of people confronted with abnormal blood cholesterol levels eventually require treatments with statins or other similar cholesterol-lowering pharmaceutical drugs. While such medications are considered to be effective in preventing and reducing high blood cholesterol levels, they donít produce dramatic results, generating less satisfactory effects in certain categories of people. In addition, most cholesterol-lowering drugs are known to cause serious side-effects, rendering long-term treatments with such medications very unsafe. Statins work by interfering directly with the activity of cholesterol-producing body enzymes and hormones, preventing the overproduction of cholesterol inside the organism. By altering the activity of enzymes and body hormones, such medications can lead to a wide range of undesirable effects, ranging from mild to very serious.

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