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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Pregnancy

  • All about home pregnancy tests(part two)
    After reading the first part of this article, you should be familiar by now with how home pregnancy tests work. So after knowing how they can detect a pregnancy and how accurate are they, one should wonder how do you know which are more sensitive and which are not
  • Kidney infection during pregnancy
    Urinary infections, especially kidney infections are very serious conditions that can cause a lot of problems, especially if you are pregnant. However, kidney infection is one of the most common complications that a woman can suffer from when she is pregnant
  • Shopping advice during pregnancy
    What you ware during pregnancy is very important for you, because despite all changes that your body suffers from during pregnancy, you still feel the need to look good and thus feel good
    ADH, also called vasopressin is the hormone that controls the amount of water conserved
  • All about home pregnancy tests(part one)
    Most of the women who think they are pregnant, but are not sure, use home pregnancy tests. But how many of them know how these tests work and if the result is true or not? Well, first of all a woman should know when the test must be taken and which are the best home pregnancy tests
  • The three stages of pregnancy
    The normal pregnancy period lasts nine months. These nine months are separated into three trimesters. This classification is a way of dividing the 40 weeks into separate stages when the mother and the child are encountering different types of pregnancy events
    ADH, also called vasopressin is the hormone that controls the amount of water conserved
  • Stages during pregnancy
    During pregnancy a woman’s body suffers many changes. From the conception to birth her body undertakes the processes of fertilization, implantation and growth of the baby or sometimes even babies
  • Pregnancy and advises for labor stages
    At the end of the 40 weeks of pregnancy, during the last period of the three trimesters, the future mothers enter the labor period. Labor is divided into three stages which are the dilation of the cervix, the delivery of the baby and the delivery of the placenta
  • The three stages at the end of pregnancy
    Before giving birth to a child, a woman must go through different stages during labor and childbirth. These stages are three and consist of: the first stage begins with the onset of the contraction and gradual effacement and dilatation of the cervix
  • Problems with bleeding in the late stages of pregnancy
    As we know the last stages of pregnancy include the labor that is classified into three different stages. The first stage consists of the onset of the contractions and the dilation of cervix
  • Home tests for pregnancy
    Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. After the conception each woman wants to be certain of its pregnancy. Women usually avoid seeing a doctor if they are not certain. That is why home pregnancy tests were developed
  • The fact of bleeding in pregnant women
    As well as felling joyfulness and happiness because the baby is coming , women can also feel troubled some times.
  • Home pregnancy tests
    The every day common home pregnancy test works by recognizing a certain hormone that is only present in the urine of woman; this hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin and it first appears in the human blood stream when the fertilized egg implants its self in the wall of to uterus to begin growing and development.
  • Dieting while pregnant
    Dieting is very important for ones health and well being. It is even more important in the case of pregnant women; not only for the fact is that is important for the health of the mother but also very important for the health of the un borne child.
  • Drug risks when pregnant
    In the cases of women risks, problems and complications can be very sever if any narcotic drugs are used. The amount of drugs that can create dependence is very small in their cases. This is why a lot of second thoughts must be given to the simple fact of drug usage
  • Urinary tract infection and the pregnancy
    Infection may affect during pregnancy the urinary system: the bladder, urethra are the most affected but, also the ureter and the kidneys.
  • Chicken-pox and pregnancy
    Many of the pregnant women can be at a certain moment exposed to a person infected with chicken-pox. Although the thought of the bad consequences it might have on the child is frightening, the actual problems do not seem to be so serious at all.
  • How to treat urinary infections during pregnancy
    Infections affect us day by day, but during pregnancy women are affected more often by infections and certain types of infections are dangerous for the mother and baby.
  • Recommendations for pregnant women that develop chicken pox
    Chicken pox is a contagious infection caused by the virus called varicella. In most of the cases chicken pox is a benign infection with no complications. You can not treat chicken pox so the remedies that are prescribed usually ease the symptoms.
  • During pregnancy watch out for urinary tract infections
    Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria and the most common one is the bladder infection –cystitis. There may also appear kidney, urethra infections.
  • Pregnancy and hepatitis B
    There is a big question raised when thinking about hepatitis B: can infants risk to loose their immunoprophylaxis if breast feed by mothers that carry the hepatitis B virus? This is one of the most often asked question when new mothers with hepatitis B have children.
  • Aches and pains a pregnant woman complains about
    One of the most irritating problems of pregnancy is morning sickness and nausea. About 80% of the pregnant ladies complain of these symptoms at least at the beginning of the pregnancy or at least from time to time, it is the most common tribulation of pregnancy. Best tips for struggling against morning sickness is keeping your blood sugar level constant; you can do this by eating regular meals and not drink and eat at the same time during the day. Try to keep away from strong smells, eat stomach
  • Depressed while pregnant- Why is that? (part two)
    At first there was thought that a pregnant woman could not suffer from depression. Nowadays it has been shown, that it is possible and even dangerous.
  • 10 things you don’t have to worry about when you’re pregnant
    In a pregnancy worries are always a part of it. There are though a few things you don’t have to worry about when you’re pregnant
  • Depressed while pregnant- Why is that?(part one)
    As amazing as bringing a new life into this world may be, the price to pay is very big. Almost any woman want' s at one point in her life to have children, and are willing do almost anything in their powers to make their dream come true.
  • Common methods to confirm a possible pregnancy
    Nowadays, women who present pregnancy symptoms have various methods that may confirm them or not a possible pregnancy. Even though many women ask for medical help when they face the first pregnancy symptoms other women choose pregnancy tests in order to find out a proper result. In addition to this, pregnancy tests are easy to obtain, they are available in pharamacies, stores, local clinical and even at the doctor's office.
  • What you should and what you shouldn’t do during pregnancy
    When hearing every day different versions of what to do and what to avoid you surely wonder which steps you should actually follow.
  • Most important about pregnancy after 35 years
    In the last few years the number of pregnant women between the age of 35 and 40 has increased more than twice as well as the number of births over 40 which is higher with 50% than in the past. One reason can be women working or more safety.
  • Pregnancy- up and down's(part two)
    In part one of this article, we have covered some of the up's of pregnancy and one down. It is now time to discuss more about the more unpleasant part of pregnancy.
  • Dangerous foods that should be avoided during pregnancy
    Pregnancy is a natural condition and even though brings significant changes in women's life, it can be easily overcome by having a balanced lifestyle and support from the family. It is important to mention that a pregnant woman should be aware of her condition and should adopt a proper diet in order to mantain a good health for herself and for the baby. In addition to this, women should inform themselves regarding the foods that should present risks and should be avoided during the pregnancy and
  • The role of physical exercises for pregnant women
    Pregnancy is a natural process involving changes in the women's body and also in their behaviour and lifesyle. Even though pregnancy is not a disease, it requires a special attention. For instance, pregnant women should follow a healthy diet and not in the last place they should maintain their health and a nice body shape by doing physical exercises. In addition to this, exercises during pregnancy are a new discovery and many pregnant women tend to adopt it in order to keep a nice figure and al

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