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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Prostate Cancer

  • Good news about prostate cancer
    When it comes to prostate cancer, things are not looking very bright. At least they did not look in the past. This disease kills thousands every year and treatment for prostate cancer is hard and difficult
    ADH, also called vasopressin is the hormone that controls the amount of water conserved
  • Vaccine proves to be efficient in treating prostate cancer
    Since in US, more than 200,000 new cases of prostate cancer are discovered every year a more effective treatment was desperately needed
  • New study proves the efficacy of the prostate cancer vaccine
    In US, prostate cancer is quite common and more than 200,000 new cases are discovered every year. Asymptomatic metastatic HRPC is known to be resistant to hormone therapy used in early detected prostate cancers and no other treatment is effective against it
  • New solutions in fighting advanced prostate cancer
    Scientists have been trying to find a cure for advanced prostate cancer or at least a solution for delaying the disease’s effects. So, they have created a vaccine that seems to improve the immune response to fight prostate cancer
  • Prostate cancer vaccine allows patients to live longer
    Yesterday, the first conclusions of a study on prostate cancer patients were made public. It seems that for the first time in history a cancer vaccine is delaying the progression of the disease and patients can live longer
    ADH, also called vasopressin is the hormone that controls the amount of water conserved
  • Possibilities of treating prostate cancer
    In order to prevent prostate cancer scientists are trying to find abnormal genes that are related to this disease and so identify those who are at risk of developing prostate cancer
  • New promising prostate cancer vaccine
    At the prostate cancer symposium in Orlando, co-sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Eric J. Small, MD, UCSF professor of medicine and urology presented the findings of the study he led helped by other 19 US institutions
  • Common treatments to treat prostate cancer
    Prostate cancer affects thousands of men each year and is continually changing into different strains. Outlined are some of the common procedures utilised in treating a patient that has been positively diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • Typical theories regarding developing prostate cancer
    Prostate cancer can strike men at any age, primarily though, the majority of men tend to be over 65 years old. There are many given theories as to why men get this cancer and theories supporting claims.
  • Treatments for prostate cancer
    After having found out what is prostate cancer and how it appears, it is now time to see how can this disease be treated.
  • Pro's and con's opinions concerning prostate cancer treatments
    Prostate cancer can affect all ages in men, from very young men through to their full adult life, and beyond into the 65.
  • Facts and alternatives regarding treatments for prostate cancer.
    Patients who suffer from prostate cancer have many alternatives to treat their affection but they should know all the opinions and investigate therapies before they choose the treatment that suits them.
  • How is prostate cancer treated?
    Doctors and scientists have always tried to discover as many treatments for prostate cancer. There are a lot of ways in which prostate cancer can be treated and more are found each day.
  • How to detect prostate cancer(part one)
    Prostate cancer has varoius simptoms, but they are generally also the simptoms for other prostate diseases, besides cancer. So to be sure of the ilness you suffer, it is recommnaded you see a doctor.
  • How to detect prostate cancer(part two)
    Blood tests represent a way to detect prostate cancer, but unfortunately not a very certain way. It is best in following the response treatments have on cancer, than detecting it.
  • Is it good to treat prostate cancer in older people?
    This is a question which many have asked an few have succeeded in answering. Doctors, scientists and many more have given their time and effort in giving this question an answer.
  • There's hope in prostate cancer treatment
    Nowadays there are so many diseases in the world that some people just might lose hope. But be sure that there will always going to be many others struggling to find a cure for any or all diseases and making life better.

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