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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Sales

  • Selling More at the Point of Sale
    Point of sale generally means the point at which the customer pays for their products or services. Point of sale (also known as POS) includes but is not limited to: the cash register, the cash drawer and the receipt printer. If you are a merchant that uses POS, you can also use POS items as marketing materials. For example, you could display products that you have a surplus of near the cash register to allow customers to impulse buy. This is quite effective when the point of sale merchandise has
  • The Necessity of Continuous Sales Training
    The prosperity and popularity of successful companies is obviously the result of continuous training. Without proper sales training, a business is unable to stand out from the rest, thus having poor exposure and low credibility on the market. In order to achieve and maintain
  • Understanding Sales Recruitment Services
    Undoubtedly, employees are the backbone of any business! Regardless of the size and the renown of your company, the efficiency, profitability and longevity of your business are direct proportional with the professiona

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