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  • Beaches of Goa
    Goa is the land of beaches comprising of both commercial as well as quiet adobes serving everyone who sets foot here. North Goa has busy beaches decked with late night parties whereas South Goan beaches provide enough room for silence and serenity. Goa witnesses heavy crowds from December to February. Also the rich festivity all the year around holds a major attraction for all those who are marvelled by the charm of Goa and its natural beauty.
  • Celebrations that you donít want to miss in Goa
    Goa is not just known for beaches and exquisite cuisines but also for its rich cultural history and festivities. Along with all basic festivals that are celebrated all over India, Goa has its own colorful ways of celebrations all round the year. This small state has been under rule of Mughals as well as Portuguese for a long period of time. Therefore, this place has a mixed culture, which can be demonstrated by multitudinou
  • The cuisines of Goa
    Goa with its unique mix of culture, history, landscapes, is an interesting place when talking about the cuisine it offers. It is a heaven for foodies and has exclusive menu of eatables be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Goan cooking holds expertise in every arena of cuisines. Because Goa has a diversification of various religions like of Hindus, Muslims and Portuguese, which is why cooking here is very much excentric from rest of India. Those who love Goa's beaches, eventually fall in love with
  • Goa : The ultimate recreation hub
    Goa is the ultimate fun to-do place for people who love beaches, night-life and a get-away spot from the usual hectic scenario of life. Situated on the western coast of the country, between the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka, this union territory represents a lot from Portuguese and Latin culture. There are several museums, churches depicting art of that age when Portuguese ruled over the place. Winter in Goa is usually crowded by the foreigners who come to enjoy the Goa Carnival. On the other hand, Indians generally pay visit during summers and monsoons, leaving behind the scorching heat to splash and drench in beaches of Goa.
  • Hotels In Surrey: Everyone Has An Option
    Surrey is a very beautiful part of England. Flocks of tourist visit this place every year not only for its natural beauty, but also for the great and comfortable places to stay, visit and eat.
  • Find Hotels In Surrey Near The Top Tourist Destinations
    Surrey is very close to London and is a good place to holiday for the weekend. If you decide to take off for the weekend at the last minute, you should still be able to find hotels in Surrey.

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