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How To Gain Confidence When Speaking In Public

Most people fear speaking in front of an audience, no matter how big or small it is. Some might be able to do it at social gatherings amongst friends or family, while others fear even that. And when asked for reasons, most people would name rejection or making some silly mistake they are mostly afraid of.

The truth is though, they are right. If speaking in public you will eventually be rejected by someone. He or she may not voice or articulate it, so you might never find out but definitely there will be someone who will not like your speech. Likewise, you will make a mistake. No matter how hard you might try you will misspell a word or use a wrong word and will have to correct yourself. Possibly you will forget your line and will have to pause for a second to think. Yes, any of the two will happen to you.

And once you know they will, there is nothing to worry about. They will happen, theres no need to worry whether they will or not. They definitely will.

But I know that a realization of this is not enough to make someone a confident in speaking in public so here are few tips on how you can feel more secure with what you are about to say:

1. Prepare. Organize your thoughts, research your topic. Make sure that you know your goal for the presentation too.

2. Spice it up. Add a flavour to your presentation. Humour is proven to work really best. But you can also try including a new angle on a problem you will be presenting.

3. Focus. When presenting to any audience focus on the subject of your speech.

4. Capture an eye contact with one person and maintain it. Find one person and talk to her, gesture to everyone but focus on that one person.

5. Stand firm. Place your feet firm on the floor and keep them that way. Dont move your body weight from one foot to the other. A solid contact with the floor will make you feel more confident.

If those wont work though, you need to seriously consider a professional help to overcome fear of public speaking. There are numerous courses you can take, or home study materials you could avail of. Most of them are extremely helpful and worth investing into.

Just remember one thing, if you dont practice, if you dont walk in front of any audience to test what you have learnt, it will never work.

By: pawelgra77

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Pawel is a writer and small business owner who was never lucky enough to be born with public speaking gift. Instead he learned it from a public speaking handbook and now helps others to overcome fear of public speaking.

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