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Inositol Hexanicotinate

In a sense, it's a delivery system for Vitamin B3. It's slowly metabolized by your body, releasing the Vitamin B3 over time. Therefore inositol has the same benefits as Vitamin B3 because it's bringing that into your body. However some research suggests that the compound inositol hexanicotinate is safer and better tolerated by your body.

The compound IP6 itself may possess antioxidant and anticancer benefits.

It's thought to prevent tumors by controlling cell development. In ANTICANCER RESEARCH a study was published in 2001 finding that IP6 prevents cancer cells from spreading halting cells in the G0/G1 stage of their cycle and inhibiting cells in the S-stage.

It may also help treat existing cancers by helping natural killer cells to enter cancer cells to kill them. It may also help trigger cancer cells to kill themselves (apoptosis).

Animal studies with IP6 supplementation show that it can protect against colon cancer and maybe breast cancer. Some in vivo studies show that it may be effective against pancreatic cancer.

Inositol hexanicotinate is not considered essential for health by itself, so no deficiency symptoms are recognized by medical science. Of course, since it does contain mostly niacin, people deficient in that vitamin can take inositol supplements.

Natural sources of inositol or IP6 include legumes and the bran part of grains -- especially whole grain corn.

Inositol apparently does not have the same side effects as niacin supplementation, perhaps because it forces the time released of that vitamin. From 500 to 1,500 mg is a good supplementation range, in conjunction with the other B vitamins, because they all work together in synthesis in a chain that's only as strong as its missing B vitamin.

IP6 can interfere with iron absorption, so women especially should be careful about that. If you have cancer, you obviously should consult with your doctor.

By: Richard Stooker

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