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Of course, you want to be fit, healthy, sexy, and happy. But you've tried so many diets and exercise programs you don't know who or what to believe anymore. You just want to feel and look your best more than anything else, and you should! Yoga has become very, very popular throughout the past several years and all individuals have their own little reason as to why they are so addicted to doing it regularly. Many have said that yoga is a great way to learn how to relax your body, sort of go off into another realm.

Yoga is a meditation exercise that has been around for centuries and came about from the traditions of Buddha and Hindu. There are many people who have let go of the religious aspect of the yoga exercise program, but have used it because the techniques include a lot of benefits. You will find that there are ways that you can use the stretches and strength building exercises for you to work on your self image. You will be able to burn the fat, increase your flexibility, and also build muscles. There are other exercises that you can also go in joint with yoga. When you combine yoga with some other cardiovascular exercise, you will be able to make your body healthier than ever.

 Yoga is traditionally seen as a routine of exercises that will rejuvenate the body. That is, although yoga is a difficult workout, it should make you energized as opposed to draining your body and making your feel tired. Therefore, when pairing yoga with other forms of exercise, do yoga first. You may be able to use yoga as a warm up. You will want to do this before you start any cardiovascular or any strength training exercises. You will find that warming up is very important to any work out. Yoga will teach your breathing techniques that will prepare you for some other exercise. Yoga can also teach breathing to prepare you for other exercises. In yoga classes, students must often learn breathing techniques that help calm the spirit and focus the mind. With these techniques you will be able to breathe fully and there will be more oxygen going to your brain and throughout the other parts of the body. By practicing yoga, you will be able to do cardiovascular exercises for a longer period of time, since you will not be so quickly out of breath.

Since yoga will help you to increase flexibility, you will be able to prevent some injures when you are doing other sports or exercises. Yoga can be viewed as an entire exercise regimen focused on stretching muscles. It also helps minimize and prevent injuries because yoga allows you to find your limits. This is important when practicing any sort of physical activity. I will tell you about somebody I know. Kate hit one of those "big" birthdays and started to feel… tired. She didn't like the way her clothes fit, she felt frumpy, out of shape, and overwhelmed by the stress of her daily life. She'd always wanted to try yoga, but felt more than a little intimidated. Anyone doing yoga on TV looked so fit, so flexible - and she hadn't exercised in years.

Then after reading this yoga quick-start guide, and practicing for just a few weeks at home, she GOT it! She was amazed at how quickly her flexibility and fitness improved and she was able to do the difficult ASANAS (postures)- in just a few short weeks.
Yes, that's all it took! And it can work for you too…I know, because yoga has worked for thousands of people just like you. In fact, the ancient yoga Masters of INDIA believed that age is not measured in years, but in the flexibility of your spine. How old does your spine say YOU are? 

I promise your situation is not unique. Thousands of people who were less flexible, less fit, and less athletic have become hooked on yoga. Without ever setting foot in a yoga studio, or paying for a single class, they've become practically addicted to how great their bodies look and feel now. And if they could do it, so can you.

By: nunuram

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