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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Colon Cancer

  • Screening possibilities for colon cancer
    There are several choices for colon cancer screening that one can choose from. Flexible sigmoidoscopy, FOBT, a combination between those two, colonoscopy or barium enema are the screening options for colon cancer
  • How does early detection help in colon cancer
    There are many ways to detect if someone has colon cancer. FOBT or sigmoidoscpopy are just some of the tests that can be done to detect colon cancer. Studies and the actual surveillance of the people that suffer
  • Things to know about screening tests for colon cancer
    There are several screening options for colon cancer. Every one of these tests has it' s advantages and disadvantages
  • Recommendations in colon cancer screening
    At the start of each colon cancer screening a classification of the patient' s level of risk must be made. This risk level for colon cancer must be made taking into consideration the patient' s personal, family and medical history
  • Colon cancer statistics
    Colon cancer is one of the most feared types of cancer by both men and women. The reason is that colon cancer is now fourth on the most known cancer list in many countries around the world
  • What puts you at risk of developing colon cancer?
    There are several known factors that increase the risk of a person developing colon cancer. These factors can be split into two categories: the ones that you can have control over and the second category those that you have no control over
  • Treatment in colon cancer cases
    Colon cancer is thought to be the second most common of all cancer types. It usually affects men, but women can develop colon cancer as well. If detected in its primary stages, colon cancer can be cured very easy
  • Screening for colon cancer
    There are many methods to detect colon cancer, even tissues that seem suspicious, thus lowering the risk of developing colon cancer. If this type of cancer is detected in its early stages, the 5 year survival percentage in colon cancer patients is about ninety percent
  • Treatment is all colon cancer stages
    Colon cancer is the type of cancer that usually has no symptoms. If colon cancer symptoms do appear in a person, it will be a little too late, because he/ she is probably in a very advanced stage of colon cancer. This is the reason why, most of the doctors recommend screening at least one a year
  • Tests to detect colon cancer
    Colon cancer is thought to be the second most common type of cancer, after lung cancer. The presence of polyps in the colon lead to colon cancer. There are several ways to detect colon cancer, all tests done at your doctor' s office
  • Colon cancer and polyps
    There is a very tight bond between polyps and colon cancer. That is to say that, although polyps are almost always benign, if they do turn out to be malign then you develop colon cancer
  • What are the criteria for staging a colon cancer?
    In order to decide what treatment is best for the patient the doctor will stage the cancer after it has been diagnosed to see how much it has affected the inner layers of the colon and if it has spread to other organs.
  • Treatments used in colon cancer
    People with colon cancer can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and also immunotherapy for some patients.
  • How to treat colon cancer?
    Cancer is the name for a disease that can affect cells from all the organs and body’s structures and is considered to be life threatening.
  • Detecting colon cancer in its early stages can save your life
    Symptoms of colon cancer do not appear in all the patients when the disease is in an early stage but only after it has advanced in gravity. This is why doctors recommend that after a certain age people should ask for screenings regularly.
  • Some answers to colon cancer questions
    1. What is colon cancer?

    Cancer is a disease which can affect cells from all organs. The colon cancer affects the cells of the colon, determining them to proliferate in an uncontrollable way. This mass of abnormal cells will form a tumor inside the colon. The cancer of the intestine is quite frequent and two thirds of this type of cancer is situated in the colon.
  • Regular vegetables discovered to work against colon cancer
    A small study revealed that quercentin and curcumin wich are extracted from onions and curry could have a big impact on colon cancer, reducing it significantly.
  • New scientific Brake Trough Against Colon Cancer
    A team of scientists has discovered a gene that, when it stops working, causes the appearance of colon cancer in it's sporadic (noninherited) form. This discovery is predicted to create new treatments and new ways of preventing colon cancer. These researchers found out that this particular gene can be activated again by a special medicine, increasing the vulnerability of the colon cancer. This research reconfirms that this gene, called hMLH1, has a major importance in the fight against colon can
  • Intake of meat leads to colon cancer
    Cancer is caused by the expose to some viruses, to chemical or natural substances or to radiation. Researchers investigations show that colon polyps or high intake of meat can cause colon cancer although there are some studies showing that high intake of meat can low the risk of colon cancer. A serious form of cancer after lung cancer is colon cancer. Many people fell certain symptoms of this kind of cancer but they don't really realize until they go to a doctor.
  • Inherited Colon Cancer. What Is It And How Can You Stop it!
    Inherited colon cancer represents at about 5% of all the colon cancer cases. This type of cancer is caused by genetic abnormalities inherited from someone in you family. Often, people that have cases of colon cancer in their families present colonic polyps that can become cancerous. There are more types of polyps inlcuding familial adenomatous polyps. There are variants of colon cancer that present few if any polyps like the inherited non-polyposis cancer. There are some other types that occur v
  • New Research Showed That High Intake of Meat Leads to Colon Cancer
    More and more researchers start focusing on the results of high-meat intake over colon cancer rather then researching the effects of high-fiber diets on the disease. Until recently most reseachers studied only the benefic effects of a high-fiber diet against colon cancer, but they started shifting their attention to the bad effects of a diet rich in high-meat.
  • What are the treatment options and survival rates for metastatic colon cancer
    Metastatic colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death from cancers and tumors in the USA and unfortunately the survival rate for those diagnosed with it is below 10%.
  • Colon Cancer Risk Reduced By Vitamin Supplements
    A very new study states that there is a correlation between smaller colon cancer rates and the use of vitamins A,E,C calcium, potassium and folic acid. The study has shown that long-term vitamins use could decrease the risk of colon cancer by 57 percent.
  • Defend youself from colon cancer
    Over 100,000 people will find out that they have colon cancer just in the United States alone. Colon cancer is one of the most spread cancer types in the U.S. while being the second and third factor of cancer death. But, thanks to new screening methods cancer can be diagnosed in its earliest stages resulting in a rising number of people being cured of this disease.
  • Colon Cancer Is Caused By Two Genes
    After researchers discovered another colon cancer gene, the second so far, they concluded that they have found the causes of over 90 percent of the disease in its inherited form.
  • Can Regular Antidepressants Keep Colon Cancer Away?
    A new study shows that a type of antidepressant could decrease the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Still, people with high risk shouldn't start taking them yet. People should wait until solid evidence that this is true will be revealed and just after that they should go to a doctor and ask for the right medicine.
  • Different approaches to colon cancer treatment
    Colon cancer is a disease that affects the large intestine, an organ that absorbs the nutrients from the food, and stores and eliminates the fecal material. The large intestine has two parts, the colon and the rectum. Colon cancer occurs when tumors appear inside the colon and rectum. These tumors can be malignant, in which case they do not present any danger and they can be removed by a simple surgery, and beningn. Beningn tumors are cancerous tumors that can spread and cause life-threatening c
  • Learn the common symptoms of colon cancer in order to get immediate treatment
    Colon cancer is a dangerous form of cancer that starts in the colon, and then if nothing is done to treat it, it will start to spread. The causes of colon cancer have not been discovered yet, but scientists are researching its causes and new treatments that can help cure colon cancer and metastatic colon cancer.
  • What is the diet's role in colon cancer?
    Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in both the USA and Europe, and colon cancer is the most dangerous cancer besides lung cancer. It can be easily cured when it is in its early stages, but the problem is that is rarely shows any signs and symptoms when the tumor is isolated, so it's hard to detect it before it spreads. When it reaches metastasis, or stage IV, the chances of survival drop under 10% because in this phase it has already spread to at least one more organ. It usually spread
  • All the general information about colon cancer that you need to know
    Colon cancer is, as its name suggests, a disease that affects the colon. The colon is a tube shaped organ, located in the abdomen, that starts at the end of the bowel and ends with the anus. It twists and turns a lot, so its length is over 4 feet. The functions of the colon are to digest the food, absorb the nutrient substances from it (proteins and aminoacids), and to create the concentrated fecal material, which is then stored and eliminated from the colon when the time comes. The end of the c

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