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Groshan Fabiola's Articles in Credit

  • How To Choose Credit Cards And Credit Repair Company?
    If you have or can collect accurate information about choosing a credit card, it will save you money on interest and fees
  • A low credit score will cost you
    A credit score reflects your standing in the credit market and can make the difference as to whether you qualify for a new home, that new car you’ve been wanting, or how much you pay in interest on your credit cards
  • Eliminate debt / improve credit score
    Discussing credit scores is a really new phenomenon. I never heard my parents or anyone else in the family discussing or comparing their number
  • Accept Credit Card Online Payments To Gain Clients
    Anyone who is developing an online business should consider to accept credit card online payments, due to the beneficial influence this action may have on the sales numbers
  • Credit Card Terminals
    A credit card terminal is a small machine designed with the purpose of authenticating credit cards that customers use when paying for goods or services
  • About the credit card industry
    The credit card industry has become a favorite punching bag for consumer groups and lawmakers, who accuse the card issuers of doing everything in their power to raise rates, charge new (and hidden) fees and punish card holders with unjust policies
  • The American Express Credit Card – An Excellent Choice for Your Business
    There will be a time when real paper or metal money will cease to exist the way they exist today. There was a certain step made when the banks or the credit companies introduced the “plastic”. And by “plastic” I mean the very efficient credit cards.
  • Chase Credit Card and Discover Credit Card
    As many of you already know, it is highly recommended that you study all the options available before choosing a particular credit card. Given the number of credit card issuers and the different benefits they offer for each type of card, your choice may seem quite tough.
  • Shopping Frenzy with Credit Cards and Gift Cards
    The system of payment using a small plastic card is referred to as a credit card, which is different from a debit card. The difference is that with the debit card money is removed from the account after each transaction, which does not happen with a credit card. Money is lent to the user or consumer by the issuer under the form of a credit card.
  • Credit Card Leaders: Visa and American Express
    When it came to getting a credit card, millions of consumers all over the world chose Visa cards, which allows them to manage their finances in a better way, while enabling them to choose a system of payment for their purchases, either in increments over time or at the end of each month. Visa cardholders are offered the opportunity to pay for their purchases in the manner and at the time that work best for them.
  • Those with bad credit may find it harder to get a mortgage now
    The housing market is never stagnant; it is constantly changing and evolving.
  • Don’t make these credit mistakes
    A good credit score is not only vital to financial health, but to many other aspects of your life as well.
  • Advantages Offered by Bad Credit Mortgages
    In today’s world, lots of people who are confronted with bad credit situations face serious impediments in obtaining loans and mortgages, as they present little or no financial guarantees to banks and other similar credit institutions. Some of the most common obstacles that prevent people from being accepted in credit programs are the following: missed or late payments for loans, credit cards or store cards; defaults or CCJ’s; mortgage arrears; inappropriate conduct of bank account; repossessions and bankruptcy. Once people are faced with one or more of these problems, they are no longer considered to be eligible for obtaining loans or mortgages, losing their financial credibility towards banks and other credit-offering institutions.
  • Popular Credit Card Types
    Nowadays, credit cards are extensively used by many categories of people, as they offer a wide range of benefits to holders:they are easy to use, safe, reliable, and can considerably reduce the time needed for making various payments. At present, credit cards are supported by a powerful credit system and also by an efficient retail transaction system. Due to this fact, today’s credit cards are considered to be an effective means of making payments, lots of people preferring to pay with their credit card instead of paying in cash. There are many different types of credit cards, each of them having distinctive features and targeting a particular category of people.

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